Child pornography accusations shock BU community

 Danielle Gannon, a freshman criminal justice and business major at Bloomsburg University was surprised to find her 8am class cancelled on Friday, February 16, 2018. Gannon had received no notification from her professor, Scott Lowe, or from the University as to why the cancellation had occurred. It wasn’t until a friend sent her an article [...]


View From The Voice: Secure schools breed secure learning-Are mass shootings becoming a norm?

After every mass shooting, the biggest debates include gun laws and safety. While these are important issues to discuss, there are many other factors to consider when talking about how to keep classrooms safe. We at The Voice believe the Parkland, Florida school shooting was a tragedy and while it’s important to give friends and [...]

What in the world is going on? Your weekly news brief

These news briefs are very condensed and readers are advised to look up the full length stories to receive all of the available information. Florida School Shooting 17 people, students and adults, have been reported dead after a tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida. Gun shots were first heard around the [...]

Boot camp prepares students for the professional world

 February 9-10, 2018 BU seniors and juniors gathered at the Greenly Center for a weekend of networking and alumni led panels on how to be successful after college. This was the 7th Career Intensive Boot Camp (CIBC). About 60 students from a variety of majors and all colleges participated and received certificates of completion at [...]

What in the world is going on? Your weekly news brief

Here’s some condensed news, these stories can be found in more detail on the New York Times website. Mutant crayfish About 25 years ago a new species appeared on Earth. It evolved a strange mutation that allows it to clone itself and produce hundreds of fertile offspring at once. The Marbled Crayfish, or Marmorkrebs, first [...]

Pole dancers shimmy, shake, and shine their way into the Olympics

      Pole dancing is often thought of as a XXX activity. The truth though is that this form of entertainment extends far beyond the strip club and may soon be included in the Olympic Games. According to Wikipedia pole dance combines dance and acrobatics centered on a vertical pole. In recent years this has become [...]

Unnecessary ‘ruffness’: Team Ruff and Team Fluff collide at Puppy Bowl XIV

Want to watch adorable, adoptable puppies run, wrestle and score touchdowns? Well, you’ll have to watch the highlights of this year’s Puppy Bowl XIV. Animal Planet’s annual puppy showcase aired on February 4, just hours before the human equivalent, Super Bowl LII. The Puppy Bowl first aired in 2005 and since then every puppy that’s [...]