Glorification of College Stress

The glorification of college stress is dangerous for students' health.


New Student Services Center set to debut 2024

Complaints about Bloomsburg University’s lack of space for students to lounge has launched a conversation regarding new construction. On Jan. 30, the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dione Somerville, gathered various student organizations to discuss the possible building of a new student union building. The University has been hosting multiple interviews; many students have received [...]

Antarctica is in Danger!

Those who care about human rights and environmental consciousness are often brushed off as bleeding hearts who do not fully understand what is actually going on. Repeatedly those who truly believe climate change is a hoax have challenged my ideas. And while I debate with the latest facts and data, I cannot seem to help [...]

Cure for Leukemia?

Living in a time of massive technological advancements has allowed us to witness amazing feats. We walk around with small, yet powerful computers in our pockets, we have put humans on the moon, and now we may have found a cure for leukemia. Leukemia is a type of cancer where white blood cells, also called [...]

Learning a New Language

"Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt. ‘The limits of my language are the limits of my universe’,” Ludwig Wittgenstein. Learning a new language is an amazing opportunity. It’s easy, cheap, and opens so many doors for you. From business ventures to travel, being multilingual can only benefit you. While you can go [...]

Beating the Winter Blues

Winter is quickly coming upon us. Finals are coming up soon, it’ll be cold and dreary, and most people will be spending a lot of money with all of the holidays in the near future. All these stressful situations can really mess with your mood. Make you humdrum and/or just plain off. What is there [...]

Minimum Wage

As college students we all face a common battle. Lack of money. We work hard for our dollars but seldom find our bank accounts full.  This is mostly because a majority of workers our age are employed in minimum wage jobs. Like most Americans I enjoy the idea of Capitalism. You are rewarded for the [...]