Learning a New Language

Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt.The limits of my language are the limits of my universe’,” Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Learning a new language is an amazing opportunity. It’s easy, cheap, and opens so many doors for you. From business ventures to travel, being multilingual can only benefit you.

While you can go out and buy a Rosetta stone program, which do seem to help many people, downloading an app on your phone can work just as well. Babble and Duolingo are fantastic apps that really work. Helping you to understand sentence structure, listening comprehension, and vocabulary. Another great feature is that while you learn you get a lot of practice saying words and sentences in a way that makes sure you are forming the words correctly.

One of the greatest reasons to learn a foreign language is the fact that by studying a language you do not know you become more adept at using and understanding your own mother tongue. Your grammar and vocabulary skills increase and you start to see why certain rules in your language work the way they do.

Many languages have similar ideas when it comes to grammar. They may use these ideas differently than we do in English but the general theories are comparable. This helps you to understand ideas in your own language in a completely different way.

Especially rules you didn’t even know existed but you implement every day because it’s just how you learned the language. For example, the way we have to order adjectives was never outright taught to us yet we know how to do it.

Another big bonus is that studying a new language opens up your brain for more creative ideas. Your analytical skills will also see an improvement with learning a foreign language. Problem solving, and abstract concepts become easier to interpret when you allow your brain to start flexing those creative muscles.

Brains need the opportunity to stretch and learn. Learning a new language is an awesome way to keep the creative part of your brain active since there’s always more to learn.

Just think about it, even in your own language you don’t know everything. In college we are still being handed vocab sheets. Learning a new language provides almost endless opportunity for creative learning.

And of course there’s the obvious benefit; knowing multiple languages gives you a serious leg up in the work place. You have another marketable skill that can put you ahead of other potential candidates for a job. Especially now, employers are looking for more worldly employees.

Many businesses find themselves working with all kinds of people from all over the world. Showing that you are able to learn a language and have an appreciation for another culture is proof that you can handle being a part of that type of work environment.

While learning a language you become more worldly and can effectively participate in our multi-cultural planet. You will have an easier time with travel and will be able to communicate with a wider range of people. You can become more creative as well as increase your chances of employment. There’s no real reason not to learn a new language.


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