Blog Reflection

Through the WordPress sessions I’ve obtained a greater understanding of how to use the WordPress software to create my own blog.

Previously, I had only really had experience with Wix, so I did not understand how to use WordPress which is slightly less user friendly. Using Wix was better at the time because I didn’t have the time to learn anything more complicated. My Wix blog was a travel blog to keep my family informed on what I was doing while I was studying abroad in Germany.

The most challenging part is learning how to navigate the customizing options. It was hard for me to figure out where everything was and how to use it. With Wix all of your options are easy to find and simple to use. WordPress has many different menus and figuring out which one is what you need was hard at first. With so many options, the complexity of your blog can increase; making it a more personalized site.


The easiest and most fun part was creating a blog post. All you have to do is write and post. It was the most simple function of the site. And since I have experience creating blog content it was not difficult to think of things to add to the blog posts.

Writing a blog post

Having a blog where I can have an online portfolio will help me keep all of my clippings organized.


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