New Student Services Center set to debut 2024

Complaints about Bloomsburg University’s lack of space for students to lounge has launched a conversation regarding new construction.

On Jan. 30, the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dione Somerville, gathered various student organizations to discuss the possible building of a new student union building.

The University has been hosting multiple interviews; many students have received emails requesting their participation in the survey. These interviews served to gather data on what the students want for the university. Many complained about the lack of ‘hang out’ space and how important offices are difficult to find.

Tom Kresch, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs said, “During the survey we had a student say ‘I didn’t even know we had a student union.’ That just shows how bad the current building is and how little it functions as one.”

Bloomsburg University believes students need space to grow and develop their professional brands; Warren Student Services Center is not currently performing that function.

Warren Student Services Center, Bloomsburg University          Photo from:

The plan is to knock down Warren and to build a new student union in its place.

“Blueprints of this new building and renderings show larger meeting rooms, a multitude of student lounge areas, study rooms, a computer lab, a game room and student related office spaces as well as new food services and a coffee shops,” writes Rachel Wright, The Voice News Editor, and Rachael Sheller, The Voice Contributing Writer, in their article “New student union building in the works for 2024.”

The new student services will be complete during the 2024-2025 school year, costing roughly $75 million. Funding for the building will come mostly from Bloomsburg University students in the form of a Student Union Building Fee.

Starting in the fall, students will pay a $40 as a part of their tuition, and in the fall of 2020, the fee will be increased to $80.

Bloomsburg University’s office of Student Affairs has released it’s master plan, which can be found on the university website. The plan includes the new student services building as well as other adventurous projects that will entice new students to enroll.

In the campus master plan they write, “A new Union on this site will not only show the institution’s commitment to balancing academics and student life, but provide the additional space needed to supplement existing shortages of dining, meeting, student government, and student organizations space.”


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