Facebook’s continuing changes keep it fresh for its users

Sensations such as April the giraffe and Lula Roe sales demonstrate how Facebook can be used in unexpected ways

Facebook has been around for 12 years, has 1.4 billion users and has so many more uses than most people readily think of.

Almost everyone can be found on Facebook, it has more users than Twitter or its predecessor, MySpace. This hefty amount of people sharing, liking and posting allows you more opportunity to find and connect to anyone. Networking has never been easier than it is now; with potential employers just a friend request away.

Facebook doesn’t have to be a massive internet world, though. Its options for public or private profiles and posts allow the user to monitor who sees what goes on their timeline. Parents especially like this since they can have the option to only allow certain groups, such as family or friends, to see pictures they may post of their children.

Not only does Facebook allow its users to connect with each other effortlessly, the social media site has also been found to make people happier. A survey done in 2009 of 2,600 University of Texas students showed those who heavily used Facebook were reporting they were more satisfied with their lives than students who didn’t use the social media. Those students who were happier were also more likely to be engaged socially and politically.

Facebook also tracks your habits online and brings you advertisers you are more likely to care about. This may seem scary to some, but look at it like this; it can give you the opportunity to find better deals or quality products just simply by logging onto your Facebook account.

These are just some examples of how Facebook has revolutionized social media.

One of the things that keeps Facebook interesting and relevant for its users is its adaptations over time. The ability to create groups to meet people who share your interests is a relatively new aspect of the site. New like options such as the laughing face and the heart allow your Facebook likes to be more personal and helps avoid awkward situations like thumbs up-ing tragic news. Now you can add a sad face instead.

One of the newer tools Facebook has put out is live-streaming. This allows you to stream a live video of you to all your Facebook friends. The video is saved to Facebook for later viewing, but the idea is to allow real time sharing.

One Facebook famous live stream currently in session is the pregnant giraffe, April, of the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, NY. For the past two weeks Facebook users have been watching and waiting for the exciting arrival of her baby who could be born any minute.

The Animal Adventure Park has been using this publicity to encourage donations for their giraffes. They’ve given April her own online gift shop featuring #April view crew T-shirts as well as created emojis for purchase. All proceeds go towards the parks and its animals.

Using this live streaming Facebook service has been beneficial for the Park and is a great example of how Facebook tools can help its users market themselves.

Facebook has also become a sort of market place with companies like Lula Roe doing most of their business through their consultants’ Facebook pages. Lula Roe is a fairly new company but it has skyrocketed, partially due to how easy it is to purchase its products.

Lula Roe consultants set up pages with all of their inventory, then the customers comment ‘sold’ on the items they wish to purchase. The consultant will email an invoice for their customers to pay and then the clothing items are mailed within days.

Facebook garage sale sites are also fairly useful for users who wish to sell and buy used products, though not quite as much anymore as new apps like Let-go appear.

Facebook is such an essential part of today’s world. Some argue that it may soon be a thing of the past as Generation Zs refuse to use it. However, I don’t believe it will go away anytime in the near future.


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