Sweden Terror Attack; Class Exercise 6

The terror attack in Sweden gained a large audience on social media. Many Twitter users posted photos, videos and statuses of the event; keeping the world posted as the tragedy unfolded.

Four people died and 15 were injured in Stockholm, Sweden after a man stole a beer truck and drove it into a populated shopping district. The Islamic State has begun using vehicles as weapons in many of their attacks. Nice, France; Berlin, Germany; London, England. All cities traumatized by trucks blasting through crowds of people.

The driver of the beer truck was Rakhmat Akilov. Akilov has been involved in other crimes and police have been searching for him for months. Now that they’ve caught him he will face trial. Akilov has requested to have a Sunni Muslim lawyer.

Citizens around the world mourn for those lost in the terror attack, and they flock to Twitter to find more news and information as it becomes available.


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